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Astrobiology Web  A huge selection of space and space science news articles, guide to current space missions, and more.

CERES Project  Offers Internet-based lesson plans in two formats: Student Inquiries (students explore NASA data to construct first-hand knowledge about the astronomical universe); and Spacequests (Classes divide into research teams to attack scientific problems.)

The Challenger Center   "Challenger Center uses students' natural enthusiasm for space to create innovative learning experiences for imaginative young minds."

NASA Quest  Meet the people of NASA through profiles, online interactions, web video, activities and more.  A multitude of materials and information on space, exploration, weather, etc. The TeachSpace section offers complete inquiry-based modules for the classroom.

Qué Tal? In the Current Skies  Monthly online newsletter of astronomical events and news also includes activities, animated images, and printable star maps.

NASA The National Aerospace and Space Administration Education Program offers a wide variety of curriculum resources and fellowship opportunities for teachers and programs for students.


Extreme Science  What is the coldest place on Earth? Learn about world records in earth science, information on extreme weather and the scientists behind the research.

Destination: Earth  Site of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise, DE features "Looking at Earth from Space,"  "Earth Breaking News,"  and special sections for teachers and for kids.

How Volcanoes Work  This website is an educational resource for pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and university students of geology and volcanology.

One Sky, Many Voices  "Inquiry-based K-12 weather curricula that utilize current technologies such as CD-ROMs and the World Wide Web for the interactive study of current weather and air quality."

Project Learn  This Web site is for middle school science teachers; the on-line module is intended to be flexible allowing the teacher to select some or all of the activities.

USDA for Kids  An incredibly packed site designed for students. Topics range from Nature Watch, Backyard Conservation and Weather to Gardening and Agriculture.

Virtual Field Trips  Take online trips to ecosystems and natural phenomena such as volcanoes, deserts, salt marshes, and natural wonders of the world.


Earth Island Institute   The EII Project Network is a group of over thirty grassroots organizations working to address "threats to the biological and cultural diversity that sustains our planet."

Ecological Society of America  ESA site has general ecology information plus an education program. Profiles of featured ecologists, Issues in Ecology reports, downloadable experiments, career resources, fact sheets and more are available.

EE Link: Environmental Education on the Internet  A complete resources for teachers with lessons, grant resources, environmental data and links.

The GLOBE Project  Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment is an international network of students, educators and scientists. Students gather environmental data, load it to the Internet and scientists use it in their research.

Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force  Following the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Haudenosaunee established the HETF to identify environmental problems in their communities and working to find solutions to them.

Honor the Earth  "A national foundation and advocacy organization that supports front line Native environmental work."

National Institute of Environmental Health Science   NIEHS Teacher Support pages offer curriculum, kids pages and more.

National Tribal Environmental Council NTEC is dedicated to working with and assisting Tribes in the protection and preservation of the reservation environment. 

National Wildlife Federation  Each month the NWF site highlights one endangered animal.

Renewable Road  A kid-friendly site introducing renewable resources.

Scorecard  How does your community rate on the Scorecard list of polluted areas of the nation? Check out the latest news, maps, superfund sites and more.

TESAN: The Endangered Species and Nature of the World  This project offers a chance for students to become more actively involved in their studies by researching wildlife preserves, zoos, and nature parks in their areas.


The Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education  Of special interest on the CIESE site are the interactive Online Classroom Projects. 

Discovery Channel School  DCS online previews videos; offers lesson plans; and provides student games homework help and Science Fair Central. Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators list tons of websites and is updated daily. 

Eisenhower National Consortium  Sponsored by the US Department of Education, ENC offers free materials, curriculum and materials for science and math education.

The Exploratorium  The museum's beautiful,  interactive site allows you to take part in live webcasts, access Science Explorer activities and more.

Find Out Why  National Science Foundation's science literacy initiative has classroom activities in English and Spanish. 

The Futures Channel  For math, science and technology educators the Futures Channel is a site for Video on Demand and accompanying classroom activities, along with professional development.

How Stuff Works  "Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold?" Hundreds of articles explain how.

The JASON Project  "A year-round scientific expedition designed to excite and engage students in science and technology."

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery  "a slightly bizarre, cyberspace, science museum for all ages." Are UFO's real? Is there a Loch Ness Monster? The site explores such topics from a scientific point of view.

National Geographic Society  NGS' beautiful site offers online multimedia/interactive features, educator resources and student activities.

The National Science Center  Search NSC's hundreds of resources covering a variety of math and science disciplines; schedule a visit by the Mobile Discover Center. 

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry  OMSI's site includes for education programs, exploration of museum exhibits, online hands-on activities including Science Whatzit and the live Rat Cam.

Project 2061  The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)'s math, science and technology reform program. Textbook reviews, science "Benchmarks," and "Science for All Americans."

Scientific American  Online article, exhibits, ask the experts science information.

Science NetLinks  Created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to be an extensive collection of websites and lessons organized around the AAAS Benchmarks for Science Literacy.

Smithsonian Institute The Education site connects you with resources and professional development for teachers.

The Why Files  With new features weekly, the Why Files offers "In briefs," a quick taste of a savory science discovery, and "Features," in-depth explorations of the science behind the headlines. Fabulous searchable database.

Pathways to Science: Bringing the Resources of the Academy to the K-12 Community This web portal is designed to provide science educators with access to stellar scientific content and to enable teachers to meet and converse online with science education colleagues worldwide.


American Institute of Physics: Science Radio Report  "a series of two-minute radio features about science in your life."

American Physical Society  The APS Committee on Education offers High School Teachers Days and the Teacher-Scientist Alliance Institute.

The Annenberg/CPB Project This website features teacher and student resources, curriculum and interactive exhibits including the Amusement Park Physics page.

Fizzics Fizzle  "Your Interactive Guide to Physics" Browse sections for beginner, intermediate, advanced physicists and check out the cool topic.

Physics '98 Institute  Educators at an Ohio Wesleyan University institute developed inquiry-based physics lessons for high school students.

Virtual Labs & Simulations  "This page is a collection of links to sites on the web that have computerized simulations of physics principles."


American Society for Microbiology  ASM's Microbial Discovery Workshop hands-on activities demonstrate how to use micro-organisms to stimulate interest in science and the microbial world.

Bat Conservation International  "Many things people think they know about bats aren't even true. Bats aren't blind, they're not rodents, and they won't get tangled in your hair. The truth is that bats are among the most gentle, beneficial, and necessary animals on earth."  National Autubon Society field guides are available for interactive use online. Explore with the searchable database of over 4,800 species and check out the habitats guide.

Life Lab Science Project  "Learn how to transform your school site into a thriving indoor and outdoor laboratory." Extensive curriculum resources for creating a school garden.

National Association of Biology Teachers  NABT information on conferences, curriculum resources, website links, membership and professional development.

The Virtual Cell  Tour a cell, use the virtual textbook to explore organic chemistry, cell biology and more.  In English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


1001 Periodic Table of Elements and Science Quiz Questions  Over 1000 Science and Chemistry questions per grade level and topic for school, college and university students.

American Chemical Society: Chem Center  ACS Education site is comprehensive: education resources & curriculum, Wondernet (student hands-on activities), summer programs for students, and much more.

ChemBalancer  An interactive, online game where students can practice balancing simple to complex chemical equations.

The Chemistry Place  Resources, interactive tutorials, chemistry news, etc. created by a group of educators in collaboration with Peregrine Publishing.  Subscription required.

CHEMystery  An interactive, virtual chemistry site designed for high school students.

It's Elemental  Fun, interactive flashcards games offers students the opportunity to hone their mastery of the periodic table of elements.

WebElements  Periodic table online! Extensive information about the elements - descriptions, photos, QuickTime movies, sound, lots of fun! 


Build-It-Yourself  Site sponsors a monthly building competition, including plenty of plans for projects to make, and a "stock room" for purchasing supplies.

Digital Divide Network  The purpose of the DDN is to enable and facilitate the sharing of ideas, information and creative solutions to the growing gap in access to technology nationwide.

FIRST, the national robotics engineering design competition that teams up high school students with engineers from business and higher education in the design and construction of technologically sophisticated robots. 

Four Directions  Nineteen Bureau of Indian Affairs partner schools are using technology to collaborate across geographic barriers. Learn more about the project on this site.

The Global Science Scholars Program was established by the Lucent Technologies Foundation to encourage the world's youth to pursue careers in technology. Competition includes a cash award and a six-day externships. Deadline: March 15, 2002.

Information and Communication Technology  "There are loads of web sites to help you with teaching and using Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in the curriculum." Site has links to abundant links to useful resources. 

Innovative Lives  These profiles, featuring the lives of innovators, were developed to inspire students to pursue their creative dreams.

The International Technology Education Association (ITEA) is the professional organization of technology teachers.

National Science Foundation  Teaching Activities with a focus on technology; available in Spanish and English.

Robolab  Lego Dacta, National Instruments and Tufts University have joined forces to develop an "innovative educational robotics program" for K-12 students.

Tech for Teachers  Designed to aid teachers in integrating educational techology. 

The Tech Museum  Online exhibits offer real-time experiments, downloadable activities. Build satellites, investigate robotics, the Hubble Telescope.


American Medical Association  AMA Health Insights has information on health and health conditions. Check out the extensive Atlas of the Human Body in the General Health section.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The CDC provides health information in English and Spanish with "Health Topics A to Z."

Health Finder  Bringing together resources from a variety of government agencies, this site lists health in the news, health topics index, "Smart Choices," online journals and dictionaries. 

Hidden Killers: Deadly Viruses  Virus profiles and in-depth descriptions, viruses in the news,  and human defense - the immune system.

Kids Health  Site is designed especially for students with topics such as the human body, staying healthy and illness and injury.

National Institutes of Health   Site includes health information A-Z guide, links to all 25 institutes and information in English and Spanish.

Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the World "New findings help scientists make sense of our senses." This graphically appealing site is from a report by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. 


The Algebra Project   "The Algebra Project is a transition curriculum that addresses the conceptual shift from arithmetic to algebraic thinking..."

Connected Mathematics Project  Exemplary problem-centered mathematics curriculum in four strands: number, geometry and measurement, algebra, and probability and statistics

Equals and Family Math Project  A part of the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of CA, Berkeley. "EQUALS programs have worked to increase access and equity in mathematics for all students and particularly under-represented groups."  Interactive math activities - probability, quadratics, trigonometry and more.

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families This site features real-world math questions designed to motivate middle school students to learn higher-level math operations involving angles, volumes, number patterns, etc.

The Math Forum  Math topics by grade level and subject, discussion groups, problems of the week, key issues in math and much more.

The Math Learning Center  MLC offers professional development and mathematics teaching materials.

Math is Power National Action Council for Minority in Engineering attractive and interactive math site with arcade, family math challenges and many resources.  "The goal of this web site is to help grade school children improve their math problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It has 4000 math word problems for children to enjoy!"

Mega Math  "Mathematics is lively and exciting; it is a field more akin to art and poetry than many people think."

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  NCTM is the largest nonprofit professional association of mathematics educators in the world. NCTM offers vision, leadership, and avenues of communication for mathematics educators.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for Interactive Mathematics  "Hands on" gets virtual at this site, which collects uniquely interactive, Web-based manipulatives or concept tutorials aimed at K-8 math learners.

Tools for Understanding  "This site is intended for educators who teach mathematics and are interested in integrating common technologies into their daily instruction." 

Totally Tessellated  Information on tessellations from the history and basics to descriptions of mosaics and M.C. Escher's technique.

Want This Job? Do your Math!  Students discover exciting careers and test their related math skills.


The Bridge  The Ocean Sciences Education Teacher Resource Center offers an incredible array of ocean information, classroom resources and materials.

Monterey Bay Aquarium  Explore the E-Quarium's exhibits, conservation work, and learning center with resources for teachers and students.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  NOAA's Education Resources page brings together free materials and activities produced by the various NOAA offices.

National Oceanographic Data Center  NODC collects and publishes global environmental data on topics including algae bloom, coral reefs, ocean currents, etc. 

The Ocean Alliance  Dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment, the Ocean Alliance site includes  daily photos, logs and video clips from thethree year Voyage of the Odyssey research project. 

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